The Senior Team


Chair of LifeLine

John is the Chair of the LifeLine family of charities. This includes LifeLine Community Church, LifeLine Community Projects (LCP) and LifeLine Network International (LNI).

LifeLine Community Church was established in East London over 20 years ago and from John’s vision and direction has pioneered community projects both locally through LCP and internationally through LNI.  Projects are designed to equip and enable people to realise that they can make a difference and transform their lives, their families and their communities.

These community projects have been established across East London and overseas in the network of churches joined with LifeLine and for over ten years John has ministered extensively throughout the United States, Africa and the Caribbean, building relationships and encouraging the leadership teams and churches.


Chief Executive Officer




Director of Young People's Services

Nathan is passionate about improving the lives of young people. Whether by empowering a young person to engage in education where no-one else has, or reaching a family that the statutory sector has given up on, Nathan is single-minded in his determination to provide an alternative, positive, future for young people.

Nathan has worked for LifeLine since 2003. Prior to this he worked with young people as a peer- and then later, youth-leader in both a voluntary and professional capacity in the UK, Africa, America and the Caribbean. Through his experiences he has gained good cultural knowledge and understands his limits in this too. Nathan remains grounded by continuing to volunteer with young people in his own time, as a mentor today and feels that he gains just as much from this than the young people themselves.

With a young family of his own, Nathan is usually at his desk by 8am. He spends his day talking with commissioners to ascertain and understand their needs, supporting staff and trouble-shooting; supporting LifeLine’s quest to improve the quality of our service and extend it to more young people. A run or cycle home helps him unwind at the end of the day before joining in his own family life and bathing his young son.


National Executive Director of FaithAction and Non-Executive Director of LifeLine

Daniel is a Director at LifeLine as well as being the National Executive Director of FaithAction. He trained in History and Drama and before joining the team at LifeLine in 2003 taught History at a secondary school in the East End of London – in fact he is still most at home when training, presenting or learning himself. Indeed, in his role, he retains responsibility for the LifeLine Institute, an alternative school provision in Barking & Dagenham.

Daniel is most fulfilled when he is ‘equipping the equippers’ by upskilling, communicating key information or linking people together. He puts his qualifications to good use in his day to day work where he finds flexibility and an ability to think on his feet an important attribute when responding to the variety that his role presents.

Daniel is often in Westminster, advising government on the implications of policy and helping to shape it. When he’s not in central London Daniel travels the country, meeting different organisations and thrashing out partnerships. He is often found on conference calls, advising FaithAction members on how to adapt to commissioning and funding changes.

When unwinding Daniel spends time with his young family and enjoys reading, watching films and having a meal with his wife and friends.

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