Responding to the coronavirus

Members of our SW!TCH team are helping vulnerable members of the local community...

...while mentoring of at-risk young people continues in an online setting.

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We’re one of the nine co-ordinating hubs across the borough and with help from Community Resources, Harmony Christian Centre, Bethel Christian Centre and Community Resources have already helped many of the most in-need local households in Valence and Becontree wards with doorstep drop-offs of food and care packages, medicines, top-up of electric keys, or a friendly phone call.

Need some help to do shopping or collect medication?

Want to help out by volunteering with BD CAN?

“She was such a lovely young lady, please do thank her from me.”

“My mum passed away, and I just wanted to call and say thank you for helping her get food and her medication. I don’t live close by and the help you gave made me feel better.”

“Thank you so much for doing my shopping and gifting me some chocolates over Easter. Please thank your staff and volunteers – they are doing great. Tell them to keep safe.”

“David asked me where I usually do my shopping from. I said Morrisons and that’s where he went! It was so nice of him to go to my prefered supermarket, very kind.”

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