This is our celebration of 21 years of

LifeLine Projects was conceived, born, and bred by a range of people from our local community. We didn’t want to concern ourselves with building up as an ‘organisation’ – all we’ve cared about is people.

We always talk about ‘people’ here, never ‘individuals’. And we’ve found that our ambition is sometimes at odds with the philosophy of the media or the trends in Government policies.

We believe that people function best, not as ‘individuals’, but as part of a community. Finding that family, that group, or that community that can thrive has been as important to us as ensuring our own individual successes.

chatty toddler with playdough

In these 21 years, we’ve seen so many ‘initiatives’ come and go. Each new plan looks good but disregards the importance of relationships play. Like this, we believe they will always be destined to fall short – or worse, actively cause harm.

The programmes we get behind are built on positive developmental relationships. Whether it’s been in faith settings, in schools, in nurseries, with parents, with the unemployed, or with ex-offenders, we’ve always seen this approach yield such great results.

And behind everything that we do is our VIP philosophy: Vision, Identity, and Purpose. Relationships should serve as more than just social interactions – they are the ways in which people can both grow and serve.


Paired with a carefully-matched mentor to ‘champion’ them, our students are guided to identify their potential and consider new possibilities for success.


Taking part in a range of positive relationships, our students become confident in themselves and start to form their own unique identity.


Putting their new-found drive into action, our students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own future and define their purpose in life.

It is our ultimate goal to transform the people we reach into Agents for Change: those that are able to use the power of relationships to make changes for the better for the benefit of those around them.

Spotlight on...
Creative English

Because learning English should be fun.

Developed by LifeLine’s FaithAction team, Creative English is based in the community and delivered by volunteers, that uses drama, puppets and games to teach simple conversational English to people with little or no English skills.

Building on Dr Anne Smith’s PhD research at Queen Mary’s University of London, Creative English sessions help to foster belonging and community between learners, which not only helps them learn easier, but also helps give them to confidence to put what they learn into practice.

Sometimes I have broken kitchen, leaking sink, I wanted help, so I now I can call landlord and try and explain to him my problems. It helps a lot that I speak English and he understands me. We are friends now.


The programme was initially funded by the Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government in 2013, as part of a scheme to reduce marginalisation and isolation. Within 3 years, over 6,000 learners had benefitted from a Creative English course. Today, that number is over 10,000. And every single learner that completed the course said that they felt that their confidence in using English had improved.

Each session involves scenarios inspired by reality, which follow the daily lives of various families. Learners take on the role of a member of these families as they take part in commonplace situations, from visiting the doctor to doing the weekly shopping. These scenarios give learners the chance to learn and practice in natural conversations in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Now, when I speak with child teacher, I understand. In past, I am shame. Not understand, not going school with children, speaking teacher. Now I am understand.


Due to the pandemic, Creative English has been adapted for online delivery through technology such as Zoom, with each special-designed session being accompanied by a presentation filled with visual aids and video clips to make sure learners can easily follow along.

With coronavirus, I lost my confidence as I haven’t spoken any English for 4 months. This class is good for me. I’m safe but I’m practising English and making new friends too. It’s been good to make new friends on the computer. I am looking forward to seeing them face to face. I can feel my confidence coming back – and the English too!


My original research showed how a combination of drama techniques, laughter and language for everyday situations created confidence and belonging. I’m delighted now to see evidence of this throughout the country.

Dr Anne Smith

I’ve had the best time delivering the Creative English sessions. I can honestly say it was the best decision I made. My regular 9-5 job is full of stress and lack of satisfaction so I can’t wait for my Creative English sessions to break free!


It’s not just learners who grow as a result of being involved in the project. I love seeing the transformation of the volunteers too. After the training, they really start to develop a sense of ownership of the project and it’s great to see them becoming equipped, enthusiastic facilitators in their own right.


21 stories from 21 years

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing 21 stories, highlighting some of the amazing successes we’ve seen and the wondrous people we’ve met.

What we do

Inspiring agents of change

The SW!TCH family of programmes is the culmination of the past 21 years of working with young people. We work both in schools and in the community to build meaningful and supportive relationships with young people to help them find a better future.

VIP Mentoring
Vision Identity Purpose

VIP Mentoring provides young people with what they need most: a trusted adult who is willing to listen. These long-term relationships may take time to flourish, but they support positive self-esteem, resilience and growth in young people.

Little Learners
Learning through play

Our Little Learners Nurseries and Pre-school are designed to give young children the best chance to learn and flourish. With high quality facilities, endless fun and educational activities, and nutritious home-cooked meals, we’re leading the way.

Champions Support Network
Parents supporting parents

Our newest programme, the Champions Support Network provides parents and carers with Peer Mentors – other parents and carers just like them – who can share their knowledge and experience in raising a young person.

Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham
Your local health champion

Part of the national Healthwatch network, Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham are your champions for health and care services. We collect feedback from you and relay it to local providers, so that they can improve and adapt the services they offer to better meet the needs of our community.

Too significant to ignore

A national network of faith-based and community organisations, FaithAction offers a wide range of information, support, advice and training to its members and acts as a voice for faith-based organisations to Government.

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