LifeLine Projects receives £147k from Young Londoners Fund

The Mayor of London created the £45m Young Londoners Fund in July 2018, to help children and young adults make the most of our amazing capital. The fund is supporting 72 community projects across the city, to help young people at risk of getting swept up in crime to fulfil their potential.

LifeLine Community Projects is receiving £147,000 over three years. Our Standing TALL project (Thriving, Aspiring, Learning, Leading) will engage 540 young people at-risk of exclusion and involvement in criminal activity, and walk with and support them towards improved wellbeing, resilience and meaningful opportunities at school and in the community. The project includes:

  • Talk About It Workshops, a unique opportunity to produce creative content with the support of a top-20 artist, using professional studio equipment.
  • One-to-one VIP Mentoring, linking young people with trusted role models to find vision, identity and purpose.
  • SW!TCH Borders, an extracurricular group taking young people out of their comfort zone as they plan and undertake wilderness expeditions.

Standing TALL will support young people to better self-express, re-evaluate the value of education in their lives and engage in positive community activities. They’ll gain skills, make positive peer relationships, find new purpose and a more defined sense of self.