Building a bond through mentoring

While the LifeLine School unfortunately had to close in 2020, we remain exceedingly proud of all our students and the tremendous effort they demonstrated daily. The following is the story of Charles, who came to us as a new arrival to the country and behind mainstream education.

I had just arrived in the UK when I joined LifeLine School. I was so grateful to be accepted after various other schools had rejected me.

I was very nervous on my first day, but the teachers encouraged me to talk to the other students and I ended up making friends much more quickly than I was expecting. Because of the different school system in my home country, I was a full two years behind when I arrived – I was in the equivalent of year 9 before; however, in the UK, I suddenly found myself in year 11! But the LifeLine School team encouraged me and gave me extra support to fill the gaps in my learning. I am so thankful to them, because without them, I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I needed to get into college.

Eugene, LifeLine School Headmaster, assists a student

We were each given a mentor who we met with at the same time each week. This idea was new to me and I was quite nervous to speak about my life with someone I had never met! But as soon as I met my mentor, I found we had a lot in common.

After a few weeks, he felt like a family member and I was confident in sharing my problems with him. He gave me such good advice and helped me to practise how to answer interview questions when I was applying to various colleges. When I went to the actual interview, I was feeling so much more confident.

I am so grateful to have been part of LifeLine School; it has helped me so much! I hope I can stay in touch with my mentor as he has been a great support.

This is our celebration of 21 years of serving our community.