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LifeLine is 21 in 2021: Help us plan our coming of age!

LifeLine Projects was founded 21 years ago, when a group of volunteers recognised a need in their community. Wanting to be part of the solution, they began supporting isolated and marginalised women in the areaand vulnerable young people in local schools. Back then, we were just two people working part-time; now, we employ over 70 staff and work locally, regionally and nationally.

Throughout our history, we’ve worked with many different partners to deliver a range of programmes funded by the public sector. And we’ve won several (and been short-listed for many more) awards that recognise the true value that these programmes bring.

This year, as we turn 21, we feel it’s a good time to celebrate the impact LifeLine Projects has had; on people’s lives, on our local community, and on our national systems. Here’s a quick overview of some of what we have planned:

We’ve just launched a new page dedicated to our 21 in 21 celebration. You can find out more about LifeLine’s journey over the years and see more about what we’re working on right now. We’ll also be sharing 21 stories looking at the lives we’ve touched on our journey. You can check out our first two here:

Plus, if you’re not already, make sure to follow us on social media to get the latest updates.

We also have a host of different activities and events planned throughout 2021.

We opened our celebration on 5th March with Positivity Breeds Possibility 2021 #PBP2021, a free online event for young people in collaboration with Havering Council as part of their #BeNiceToYourNoggin mental health campaign. You can read more about the event here.

Later in March, we’ll be launching an online art gallery, where you can walk the halls of a virtual exhibit from the comfort of your own home while learning about the history of LifeLine. And in months to come we will have fundraisers, fun days, showcases, videos, and much more.

Become a LifeLine Fellow

If you’d like to support the work we do, we’re looking for some people to back LifeLine with a donation of at least £21 to back a LifeLine Fellow and receive a Certificate of Fellowship. You’ll also be invited to a special event (details pending) that we’ll be holding later in the year.

And if you’d like to give a bit more, a donation of at least £210 will make you a Senior Fellow, and we’ll give you a virtual VIP tour of everything that LifeLine does.

While we think it is important to take this opportunity to celebrate, we don’t want to do this alone. We hope that you will engage with this year’s activities and read up on the lives impacted by LifeLine, and that you too will want to celebrate this occasion with us.

Visit the page below and keep an eye on our social media to stay in the loop, and if you would like to contribute an idea for how we might celebrate or tell us a story of how you personally have benefited from LifeLine Projects during the past 21 years, we would love to hear from you – just drop us a line at

This is our celebration of 21 years of serving our community.

Daniel Singleton

National Executive Director of FaithAction
Daniel Singleton has been the National Executive Director of LifeLine Project’s FaithAction team since 2007. In this role, Daniel has become influential in a number of government departments, highlighting the significant part that faith-based organisations are playing in communities around the UK.

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