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Finding a job, fulfilling dreams

The LifeLine Job Shop opened in 2007, located on Green Lane in Dagenham, a short journey from LifeLine House. Until it’s closure in 2013, it offered free advice and support with finding work – from writing CVs and application to interview techniques.

I’m a recovering drug addict and meeting LifeLine’s job brokers changed my life. They gave me the guidance I needed to find work as I didn’t know how to approach interviews or where to start with my CV. I met the job broker every week and we worked on application forms together. She helped me find some temporary work and encouraged me to stick with it when I was finding it tough. I’m so grateful, as now I have a full-time job. 

[Going to the LifeLine Job Shop was] the highlight of my week! I’m now pursuing my dream to do a degree course.

This is our celebration of 21 years of serving our community.

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