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Preparing for secondary school

LifeLine’s Morphing Club helped year 6 students who may find the transition from primary to secondary school challenging. They played games and ran drama sessions to help children reflect, make better choices and learn to work with others. Some of the children who took part told us about the impact the club had on their lives.

Before the Morphing Club started, Mohammed was not very happy at school – people picked on him and he found it hard to concentrate in class. He says that being part of the club helped him in a number of ways: “I made loads of new friends and now I know how to use a camera. I’ve also been getting higher grades then before because I’m learning to concentrate.”

Tobi struggled to engage with group activities in class and often found himself working alone. The Morphing Club helped him develop teamwork skills and gain confidence to speak with other children. “Now I know that you can work in a team to achieve more. I used to get quite angry in group work, now I’m happy in working with other people.”

Devante had issues controlling his temper before he came to Morphing Club. He says, “I get along much better with my sister now. We had a session on relationships and that really helped. I can control my temper better. I think about things before I react and I’m not as easily led by my peers.”


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