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Returning to work with confidence

Louise was referred to the Keys 4 Change programme as she was at risk of becoming homeless. She has a young son and was living in overcrowded accommodation.

When Louise first met LifeLine staff, they could see that she had very low self-esteem. She had not worked since having her son and felt like her skills and her experience were lost. She just couldn’t imagine re-entering the world of work and felt that she was unemployable due to being a single parent.

Louise didn’t have a support network and we realised that she needed someone to help her see how much potential she had. Louise joined us for a couple of sessions and we helped her complete her CV and draft a cover letter. Seeing her qualifications and experience written down made them more tangible and she started to believe she could find a job. She visibly increased in confidence and seemed much more relaxed. She said that she liked coming to the centre as it was so welcoming. Louise had often been told in the past that she and her son were in the way, and the acceptance and welcome she received from LifeLine made a big difference.

In a short space of time, Louise was ready to start applying for jobs and we helped her prepare for interviews. She now has much more confidence to go back to work and a firm belief in her own abilities.


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