Influencing systems

Characterised by renewed hope, developed confidence and improved skills, the programmes that we offer give people the chance to grow, expand their horizons, and become agents of change in their own community. We focus on empowering and enhancing the lives of those people most isolated and vulnerable, building their confidence and helping them to learn new skills, so that they may fully live their lives and become a part of their community.

This is our celebration of 21 years of serving our community.

On our 21st birthday, we want to celebrate the impact LifeLine Projects has had; on people’s lives, on our local community, and on our national systems.

As part of our 21 in 21 celebration, our SW!TCH Minds team are collaborating with Havering Council to host Positivity Breeds Possibility 2021 #PBP2021 – a free online event for young people with live performances of rap, gospel, and spoken word, plus educational content on mental health, as part of the Council’s #BeNiceToYourNoggin mental health campaign.

Positivity Breeds Possiblity - Friday 5 March, 5:30pm via Zoom - join Guvna B, Nick Brewer, Happi Music and Kxba for a free live online concert

What We Do


SW!TCH draws on LifeLine’s 15 years’ experience of working with young people through our award-winning VIP Mentoring scheme. Today’s SW!TCH programmes bring solutions to young people that are in danger of becoming involved in serious youth violence or have poor mental health.

Little Learners Nursery and Pre-School

Located in Elm Park and Ilford, our nurseries and pre-schools provide a warm and stimulating environment, with fun and engaging activities that help children to learn and grow.And with our innovative Tapestry app, you can see photos and updates about your child’s activities each day.

Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham

Part of the national Healthwatch network, Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham acts as a champion for people in their local community who use health and care services. Their role is to listen to what people have to say about their local services, and share this feedback with the providers of services so they can improve and better meet the needs of the community.

Champions Support Network

We know that raising and caring for a young person can be really challenging. That’s why we training local parents and carers as mentors to support you and help you to access the services you need.

Who We Are

LifeLine Projects was founded in 2000 by a group of volunteers in East London who saw a need in their local community. Realising that they could be part of the solution, they began working with isolated and marginalised women. Since then, we’ve grown from a small organisation with just two part-time members of staff, to one of the larger community-based social enterprises in the capital. Over the years, we’ve worked with numerous organisations to deliver many public-sector-funded programmes, and we’ve received several awards recognising the fruits of our programmes and been short-listed for many more.


Chief Executive


National Executive Director of FaithAction

Meet the rest of the LifeLine family...

Recent Updates

Anthony Stewart

Changing course with SW!TCH

Names have been changed to protect those involved. Samuel first came to us by a referral from the Community Safety Team at Havering Council. He had been involved in numerous incidents in Havering and had built quite a reputation for

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LifeLine Projects

Mentoring: the impact of valuing young people

Josh joined SW!TCH Expeditions [one of our previous alternative education provisions] and was assigned a one-to-one mentor by the name of Adam. Josh had a history of mental health issues, struggled to control his temper, and was prone to using

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Dr Anne Smith PhD

Champions Support Network for parents and carers

During Lockdown 1.0, we developed our support to parents, with new initiatives like our remote one-to-one support sessions for parents and an online parent support group to help and encourage parents as they faced the challenges of parenting through lockdown

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