Thanks for taking an interest in working for us! We’re a close-knit bunch and work by the values of excellence, integrity, ownership, compassion and team. If that sounds like you, we’d love you to apply for one of our vacancies to join us in delivering our vision to impact individuals and influence systems.

By working with us, you will be offering solutions that are characterised by renewed hope, developed confidence and improved skills; our programmes release people to be agents of change in their communities.

PS: We don’t always wear orange t-shirts! We got together with the rest of the LifeLine family and put on a fantastic fun day for local families last year.

If you decide to apply, please return your completed applications to Carey Luke, unless otherwise specified.

Social Media and Communications Coordinator

Opens for applications: Tuesday 15th December 2020
Salary: £15,360 - £17,920
Hours: 24 hours per week
Location: LifeLine House, Dagenham


This role is vital to raising the profile of LifeLine to its various stakeholders (Commissioners, partners, beneficiaries and the general public.) A key part of this is seeking out the good news stories and stats and articulating them to external and internal audiences.

There will need to be time given to coordinating the big picture strategy as well as telling a good story. With an eye kept on branding and the visitors journey throughout our online shop windows, as well as some attention to our physical spaces.

Lifeline has 2 key aims to impact the lives of individuals and influence for good the systems that affect lives. This role is key to all those aims.

  1. Plan, instigate and oversee media and marketing communication activities by;
    • Taking the lead with operational teams & managers to ensure they use the most effective means to achieve organisation comms objectives
    • Providing advice on potential links to the LifeLine family of charities
    • Overseeing the editing of regular publications (e.g. FaithAction enews, LCP bulletin and Healthwatch newsletter.)
  2. Direct the Communications Assistant in
    • Processing communication requests
    • Instructing designers and other suppliers
    • Making web and social media responsive and attractive
  3. Ensure all messaging is on point, inspirational and effectively positions LifeLine in the correct market places.
  4. Develop the use of web and social media throughout the organisation.
  5. Curate the evidence and good news stories – document the impact and to have influence – and using this ‘data’ to enable success (in the points above)
  6. Provide line management support to the Communications Assistant driving up standards, managing the flow of design job requests and ensuring deadlines are realistic and met.
  7. Provide support to managers for event management.
  8. Work with local, regional and national news media to increase profile and platform
  9. Ensure cost effectiveness and value for money in all activities.
  10. Observe and implement the organisation’s practice guidelines, systems and procedures, including equal opportunities and health and safety.

For full information, see the attached job description. Please return completed application forms to