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SW!TCH Lives

Mentoring for young people at risk of criminal exploitation.

One-in-four young people in London have been victims of violence.

Knife crime and gang violence remain one of the most pressing issues in London today.

Facing high inequality and a lack of real support, some of the most disadvantaged young people feel they have no choice but to resort to gangs and violent activity.

Almost half of young people committing violent acts have themselves been a victim of violence.

Lifeline workshops in Dagenham
31st May 2023

SW!⁠TCH Lives works with young people at risk of, or currently involved in, criminal behaviour to help them find a better path.

Through our award-winning VIP Mentoring framework, young people are supported by our Youth Development Workers to improve their self-esteem and confidence, address negative behaviours, and develop their own positive aspirations for the future.

One-⁠to-⁠one mentoring

Weekly sessions give a young person the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with their mentor while they gain confidence, self-determination, and agency over their future.

Working in partnership

Our team works closely with statutory bodies and professionals to identify at-risk young people, respond to developing issues, and ensure a truly joined-up approach to mentoring

Fostering agents of change

Young people with leadership potential are invited to become SW!⁠TCH Ambassadors, where they'll develop these skills in order to drive further change in their own community.

Contexual and holistic

Each young person helps to develop their own learning plan, and their unique situations and needs are examined to help shape the course of their mentoring to ensure the best possible outcome.

VIP Mentoring helps young people to find their vision, their identity and their purpose.

Young people consistently tell us that they want more support, particularly when it comes to questions of mental health and the social and emotional pressures they face.

What’s often missing for young people are trusted adults—someone that can be relied upon when facing challenges in their lives. But trusted relationships that encourage positive self-esteem, resilience, and growth take time to flourish. This simple truth often gets overlooked when systems and professionals are facing increasing pressure to deliver results.

VIP Mentoring empowers young people to discover a sense of vision for their lives, to understand their identity and be comfortable in their own skin while providing positive activities within safe boundaries that help them to unpack their purpose.

VIP Mentoring was recognised by the CYP Now Awards in 2009 and the Philip Lawrence Awards in 2010.

Our SW!⁠TCH Lives team is currently supporting young people in


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Interested in bringing SW!⁠TCH Lives to your area?

Leave us your details and a member of our team will be in touch with more information about how SW!TCH Lives can be delivered.

We’re working closely with local probation and youth justice services to reach young people at their most vulnerable. With many being victims of violence themselves, it’s important that we show them a way to break the cycle and choose a better path in life.

Alex Nelson
SW!TCH Lives manager, LifeLine Projects

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