Welcoming back our Little Learners to nursery

We proud to say that our two Little Learners nurseries re-opened at the start of July following the easing of lockdown. And our outstanding teams have been working hard to ensure that measures are in place to keep your little ones safe.

Both our sites – found in Elm Park and Ilford – are running ongoing safety measures, with regular deep-cleaning and disinfecting of fixtures and fittings. Both nurseries now have social distance markings for parents, and children are restricted to small consistent groups to reduce the risk of infection. Plus, all our staff are dedicated to providing the same excellent level of care and attention as usual, helping them return to ‘normal’ and supporting those getting ready for school in September.

While we’re currently running at reduced capacity to support these measures, we’re looking to have all the children back in August.

Places are currently still available at Little Learners Ilford – book a visit today!

Becca Clements, manager at Elm Park, said:

When I saw the children arriving back on their first day, they all came skipping in so happily, just incredibly eager to play with each other again! The whole nursery is filled with such as positive vibe; my team are all extremely excited to be able to see the little ones again!

Karen Collier, manager at Ilford, said:

It’s utterly amazing to hear the nursery filled with the sound of happy and bubbly children once again. And the switch to packed lunches has given the children a great chance to learn more about each other – finding out their favourite meals and food from diverse cultures.

We opened our first Little Learners nursery back in 2015, building on our legacy of 11 years in Early Years provision. A second one quickly followed, and we’re looking at opening a third soon too.

We made Little Learners the high-quality nursery that we’d want to send our own children to, built on the same ethos as all our work.

But these nurseries are a key part of LifeLine in another way too. Their income helps to support the work of the organisation as a whole. It’s no exaggeration to say that funding can be unpredictable – no bid is a guaranteed success, and even grants you’ve relied on for years can suddenly go unrenewed. Having this alternative source of income gives us the sustainability and security to keep going when funding starts to dry up.