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Parents in Elm Park now benefiting from new Little Learners nursery

We are extremely excited to announce the opening of our second Little Learners nursery in Elm Park, expanding on our current offering in response to growing demands for childcare in the area.

Located in a renovated residential property on Ambleside Avenue, this new nursery offers a further 37 places for local children to join the Little Learners family and learn through play!

We place great pride in how we engage the local community. Back in 2021, our existing 33-place nursery in Elm Park, located on St Nicholas Avenue, became consistently heavily over-subscribed and we reluctantly had to turn people away.

This prompted our team to begin researching deeper into the situation and found that many local families were being forced to travel further afield in order to find childcare. So, in the end, to better support the local community, we decided to open a new nursery.

While the journey to opening wasn’t always easy, we’re thrilled at this new opportunity to better serve a community we’re already deeply invested in. Little Learners Manager Becca Clements said:

Our Little Learners nursery in Elm Park had been at full occupancy since opening back in 2015. There’s such a high demand for spaces—we had a long waiting list and we were still forced to turn people away. That’s when when we decided, “Let’s help them out!”—and bought the property just five minutes away!

The renovations to the Ambleside Avenue property took about 18 months and made it into the perfect place to accept more children into the Little Learners family. We only opened at the start of November and we’re already experiencing such high levels of enquiries from local parents.

Little Learners at Ambleside Avenue is our third nursery, and is, of course, run to the same high standard as all our locations. Joining its sister site in Elm Park and a further site located in Ilford, Little Learners Ambleside features an integrated outdoor play area, meals prepared in-house, and a full range of activities to help children learn while they play.

The facility was also carefully designed to minimize disruption to the area, with extra consideration paid to ensure that noise would not be an issue for those living nearby.

Little Learners is recruiting!

We need more qualified practitioners and support staff to help fill out our team at Ambleside. See what positions are available on our Vacancies page!

Little Learners Nursery and Pre-School
Leading the way—learning through play!
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