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Dr Anne Smith PhD

Dr Anne Smith was awarded a PhD from Queen Mary, University of London in 2013 after seven years of research with refugees and migrants, exploring how approaches to drama-based learning could build community and increase participants' sense of belonging.

She has more than twenty years of experience in the formal and informal education sector, as a teacher and workshop facilitator in schools, universities and community settings.

She has presented at conferences nationally and internationally on facilitating belonging. Recent conferences include University of Manchester, University of Cork and New York University. She has published extensively on facilitation techniques, language education and building community. As a researcher, she is passionate about identifying and disseminating good practice.

Joined-up services create community

The word 'ubuntu' expresses the African philosophy of wholeness – it presupposes that one's humanity is bound up with nature and with other people in the community. A popular idiom in many African communities is 'one is an animal but two is a community': humanity comes through being part of the community; all human beings are members of an extended...

3 years ago

 by Dr Anne Smith PhD


Champions Support Network for parents and carers

During Lockdown 1.0, we developed our support to parents, with new initiatives like our remote one-to-one support sessions for parents and an online parent support group to help and encourage parents as they faced the challenges of parenting through lockdown together. On the back of this, in December, we were excited to see the launch of our exciting new initiative...

3 years ago

 by Dr Anne Smith PhD

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