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Nathan Singleton

Mentors have to care!

Over the last twenty years, I have seen the ongoing professionalisation of youth workers leave a tight grip around emotional attachment in mentoring – and while stricter guidelines are undoubtedly necessary for child protection, I have always stood firm in

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Building relationship is key when switching young people from failure to success

A few weeks ago Tony, along with his seven other classmates at SW!TCH Expeditions, was causing trouble at school. He could not relate to other students, would often blow up in class and beat up younger students if he didn’t like the way they looked at him. When he was agitated he became a health and safety risk – unable to cope with authority and a law unto himself. His Headteacher was giving him one last chance before the threat of a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) became reality. Tony was selected as one of the candidates on SW!TCH Expeditions, a programme designed to turn students from persistent trouble-makers into consistent successes.

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My journey through secondary school

My personal journey through secondary school was tolerable at the best of times. It is no secret that adolescents in secondary school are handed both the taxing responsibility of being required to know exactly what they would like to do as

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Pastoral support: Short-term, light touch vs long-term, intensive

There’s no quick fix for NEET young people. A sustained approach, with commitment and long-term funding is what inspires lasting change and creates game-changers like Robyn and Prince

Robyn was coming up to her GCSE year, but didn’t really care about school work. Her mentor noticed that her attitude to school was quite negative although she had plenty of time for doing things other than homework!

Her mentor expressed her concern and in one of those conversations Robyn was struck by the fact that her mentor seemed to have a strong vision for what she could accomplish through her school work.

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