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How we’re looking after ourselves in lockdown

We’re still potentially a long way from returning to our previous way of life, and it’s crucial that we stay healthly – both physically and mentally – during this trying time. We’ve asked our teams to let us know what they’ve being doing to look after themselves during lockdown.

I like to go outside, walk around, and experience nature. It’s been amazing to see the countryside regularly and it’s helped give me a sense of normality during this strange time. And while I’m out, I’ve been listening to music more, catching up with people over the phone, and taking loads of photos.

Julia, Quality Manager

I’ve been catching up with family and chilling with friends over video calls a lot. We’ve also been staying fit as a group online. And I’ve been performing some DJ sets online over Facebook for friends and family too!

Daniel, Manager with SW!TCH

To relax, I’ve started drawing. It’s relaxing because you only focus on what you are seeing, so it gives your brain a break from all the other stuff it’s juggling! I’m doing a picture every weekend. It marks out the weekend and gets me away from a screen!

Anne, Founder of Creative English

I’ve been getting in plenty of excerise, both through our youth work and in my free time. Playing games on my phone helps to keep away boredom, and I’ve been sending tons of messages to my loved ones too.

Thomas, Youth Worker with SW!TCH

The lockdown has meant that I can enjoy sharing my lunch with my family each day. I think the most important thing is, although things are different and sometimes tough, to make the most of what you still have – fun and laughter is great therapy.

Manisha, Officer with Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham

I’ve been trying to keep active, going out and roller skating a lot. I’ve found online shopping a great way to unwind, and when it’s hot, I love to just chill out in the sun.

Diana, Youth Worker with SW!TCH

Now’s a great time to take up a new hobby. I’ve personally started learning the banjo – it’s a bit different, and a great way of staving off boredom.

Martin, Project Officer with FaithAction

I’ve been surviving by exercising regularly, and making sure to keep in touch with friends and family as much as possible. We have a family meeting each week over WhatsApp where we catch up and swap stories. I’ve also taken up art as a hobby, which I find quite relaxing but also challenging too. I’m limiting the news that I listen to, and try to focus on stories beyond than just the pandemic.

Anthony, Manager with SW!TCH

I’m getting some extra time in my day by working through the commute but I take a break to do something with the family from 4-5pm. This time just seems to work best for the kids before they watch some TV before dinner. On hot days, I like an iced latte as an extra treat.

Nathan, CEO

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