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What we’re doing: BD CAN

As part of the BD CAN, a borough-wide initiative co-ordinated by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and BD_Collective, we are helping the most vulnerable by connecting volunteer support with the people who need help. LifeLine Projects, along with other local charities and faith groups—LifeLine Church, Harmony Christian Centre, Bethel Christian Centre and Community Resources—have already helped over 44 of the most in-need local households with door-step drop-offs of food and care packages, medicines, top-up of electric keys, or simply a friendly phone call. We will continue to serve our community in this way throughout the crisis. We anticipate that this will reach hundreds of households over coming days.

Please note: This service is not for people who are receiving social care support already, or those who have had a letter from the NHS informing them that they are extremely vulnerable. There are separate support arrangements in place to provide this support.


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